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How Innovators, 


and Initiators

Can Inspire You to

Ignite Your Own Life

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Firestarters Book
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Do you have Firestarter potential? 

Ignite your dream, accelerate your success, and lead others to pursue their passion.  Discover if you are an Innovator who creates things; an Instigator who disrupts things; or an Initiator who starts things.

Firestarters has the answers! 

“Firestarters makes a convincing case that there is a science to the success of the many innovators, instigators, and initiators that shape our world.”

—Steve Pemberton,

C-Level Executive at Walgreens Boots Alliance

and bestselling author of A Chance in the World


The Framework


start the fire that lights up your goals.


feed the fire that keeps your passion going.


spread the fire that speeds up your success.


threaten the fire.  Learn how to identify, avoid, and recover from them.

Cognitive Convergence

is the art of being impervious to negativity by downloading enough optimism to power through any obstacle. 


are the lasting impact you make by inspiring others to act by following your passion.


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Firestarters Book

THE Firestarters

We studied Firestarters across history:

Elon Musk,


Oprah Winfrey,

OWN Network

John Adams,

2nd U.S. President

Jeff Bezos,

CEO of Amazon

Kathy Ireland,

Swimsuit Model Turned Iconic CEO


Hip Hop Artist and Actor 

Kobe Bryant,

NBA Great

Jack Ma,

Founder of Ali Baba

Bobby Kennedy,

Former Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump,

President of United States

Barack Obama,

President of United States

We interviewed contemporary Firestarters known and unknown including CEOs, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, social activists, and more:
John Sculley

John Sculley,

Former Apple CEO

Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway,

War Veteran and Amputee Turned Best Selling Author, Participant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

Dr. Pernessa Seele

Dr. Pernessa Seele,

Healthy Churches 2020 Founder and Named One of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People

Ellen Kullman

Ellen Kullman,

Former DuPont CEO

Yasmine El Baggari

Yasmine El Baggari,

Glamour Woman of the Year

Dr. Marsha Firestone

Dr. Marsha Firestone,

Women Presidents’ Organization Founder

Maya Penn

Maya Penn,

Oprah SuperSoul Influencer

Rodney Adkins

Rodney Adkins,

IBM’s “$18 Billion Man”

John Salmons

John Salmons,

Former NBA Basketball Player

David Weild

David Weild,

Legendary Wall Street Executive

David Egan

David Egan,

Special Olympics Global Messenger

Caroline Tsay

Caroline Tsay,

Former Hewlett Packard Enterprise Executive

Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson,

Daisy Cakes Founder &d

Shark Tank Winner

“Add this book to your library!  Firestarters gives you a smart new way to achieve positive behavioral change that will improve your life and the world around you.”

— Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times–bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

From New York Times Best Selling Authors to executives at the likes of Google, Walgreens, and Dell the praise for Firestarters is universal.   

Raoul Davis Jr
Raoul Davis Jr.

is a partner at Ascendant Group, which helps CEOs, retired athletes, and executive leaders dramatically increase their visibility in front of their target audience through CEO branding. He is considered one of the foremost experts on CEO and executive branding.

Kathy Palokoff
Kathy Palokoff 

 is a founder and chief igniter at goFirestarter, a coaching and consulting company that helps individuals and organizations ignite, fuel, and accelerate their growth and fulfill their passion. She is also a founder and partner at CUSTOMERicity, a creative agency that helps businesses increase revenue through customer-centric marketing and branding.

Paul Eder
Paul Eder, PhD 

has over fifteen years of experience as a strategy and management consultant focusing on optimization of organizational structures and work environments. Paul is certified as both a Project Management Professional and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He has presented at top-tier conferences and published peer-reviewed articles and papers on strategic planning, employee performance, and creativity.

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